Gamma Theta Property Association

The Gamma Theta Property Association (GTPA) is a not-for-profit corporation, incorporated in New York State in 1910. Its primary purpose is to own and operate, in cooperation with the student chapter, the Lodge at 230 Willard Way in Ithaca, N.Y. and to permit student members of the Gamma Theta Chapter to reside there.

GTPA is owned solely by its active alumni members and its purpose is to provide housing, dining service facilities, and a sense of community for male students at Cornell University who share the values of Love, Honor, and Truth, the pillars of Sigma Nu Fraternity.

GTPA is governed by an Executive Committee composed of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, who are elected by active alumni members. Regularly scheduled meetings of GTPA are held at the Lodge, and such meetings are open to all alumni and student chapter members. The members and leadership of GTPA recognize and emphasize the benefits of working with the student chapter members as a team.

In addition to its responsibility to operate the Lodge, GTPA supports the student chapter by serving as a liaison between the chapter and other organizations, such as Cornell’s administration and Sigma Nu National. Members of GTPA serve as mentors to the student chapter and provide guidance in operating a significant enterprise. GTPA is also responsible for alumni fund-raising efforts to provide resources for capital expenditures to maintain the chapter Lodge and its furnishings in prime condition.