Gamma Theta IS coming back!

And here’s why we know it:

  1. Contrary to what has been tradition, the current chairman of the Cornell Greek Growth Committee has indicated that he will accept our application for re-establishment on campus in 2020, four to six months prior to the end of our suspension. This would allow us to participate in the rush program of the spring 2021 semester, or shortly thereafter. Historically, a Cornell suspended chapter has had to wait until the end of its suspension before it could submit paperwork needed to gain re-recognition.

  2. Cornell University Gift Recognition
    a. As a sign of their support for Sigma Nu coming back on campus, Cornell has granted annual and class reunion giving recognition for all capital campaign contributions paid both to the Gamma Theta Property Association or the Fall Creek Leadership Foundation.
    b. Cornell only allows gift recognition for capital campaign donations to fraternity and sorority capital campaigns that complete a series of required steps, such as having completed a feasibility study by a third-party fundraising group, which was the case for Gamma Theta in 2017.
    c. Cornell is the only major university in the country that affords gift recognition to alumni contributing to capital campaigns of Greek organizations for improvements to fraternity and sorority houses not owned by the university.
    d. The school does not provide this same gift recognition for donations that are made to other extracurricular Cornell campus organizations.
    e.  As Justina DeMott, Associate Director of Development for Student and Campus Life, told GTPA President Bob Linden ’71 at the annual CALC conference in Boston in February, a. above demonstrates Cornell’s commitment to Gamma Theta, and c. and d. show the university’s commitment to the Greek system as a whole, i.e., if the school felt Greek life was not important to the campus and that the immediate future of men’s and women’s Greek chapters was in question, it would not be providing such university gift recognition.
  3. Sigma Nu National has shown its support for our re-establishment by committing to undertaking Gamma Theta’s re-colonization efforts at no cost to us. We, as alumni, can participate in this reactivation program to any extent we wish.

  4. The house has been fully rented at a break-even rate during this current 2018-19 school year and will continue to be fully rented through the duration of our suspension. The property is being well managed and maintained by our outsourced and highly competent property management team.

  5. GT alumni have continued to generously support the chapter through record-breaking annual dues contributions, despite the suspension of the chapter, and strong attendance at alumni events including Reunion and Homecoming.

  6. Although our capital campaign has suffered some setbacks—the most significant being the passing of the campaign’s lead donor in December—the campaign continues to be on track to secure substantial support, mostly in the form of five-year pledges. Contributions to the campaign will enable us to make much-needed capital improvements, such as replacing all windows with energy efficient units, restoring the Great Hall and the building’s exterior, making some major upgrades to the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, and many other property enhancements that will allow 230 Willard Way to serve the needs of future Sigma Nu student members well into the 21st Century. A commercial grade rear deck overlooking downtown Ithaca and Cayuga Lake is also on the wish list. It will enhance the property for both the undergrads and returning alumni and for rush.

  7. An initial group of more than a dozen dedicated GT alumni have volunteered to be part of the capital campaign committee to help enlist participation from their fellow brothers from their respective eras at the chapter. Our 1,000-plus living alumni can help ensure that Cornell Sigma Nu will come back stronger than ever.
Ed Reiss ’69, Treasurer
Gamma Theta Property Association

Help! Missing Sigma Nu Brothers!

We do our best to stay in touch with all our alumni, but unfortunately we have lost touch with some over the years. Can you help us out and find these lost brothers? We consider a brother "lost" if we dont have a current mailing address.

Please send updates to Jaan Janes '85 at Thanks!

Donald Edward Anderson ’35
Norman Scott Strandwitz ’35
Max T. Mills ’39
William Winterton Owens ’40
George A. Logan ’41
Henry L. Smithers ’42
Robert Fred Taylor ’42
Gabriel Garces ’46
William J. Meskill ’46
Charles Alfred Palmer ’47
John Edmund Tutty ’47
Robert Mount Buckley ’49
Douglas B. Tiffany ’49
John Ewart Riihiluoma ’50
Howard Johnston Thomas ’50
James H. Mitchell ’53
Preston D. Thomas ’53
Edward F. Wilson ’56
Robert Huw Jones ’57
Harold E. Swinson ’57
Charles David Wagner ’58
Robert L. Cannizzaro ’59
Robert J. Dorgan ’59
William A. Gardner ’59
David M. Sanders ’60
James C. Thomas ’60
Charles P. Johns ’63
William J. Contos ’64
James H. Bradshaw ’66
John M. Allen ’67
Jerome F. Boone ’68
Michael J. Peters ’68
Philip D. Young ’68
Frank R. Channave ’69
Alan P. Frazer ’69
Clifford K. Sessions ’69
J. Martin Borden ’75
John R. Ladd ’77
Eric M. Will ’79
Paul A. Kreider ’80
Allen E. Holmes ’81
Timothy W. Johnston ’81
T. Michael Shearn ’81
Leo F. Smigel ’81
Peter M. Knollmeyer ’82
Andre A. Proulx ’82
Robert Ouriel ’83
William C. McGinnis ’84
Jonathan D. Buckley ’85
Brian S. Hough ’87
Nils V. Krumins ’91
Nathan J. Moyer ’93
Shawn M. Kimberly ’94
Ryan M. Knopp ’96
Michael T. Brown ’97
Nicholas J. Dumbell ’97
Ryan C. Duran ’97
Kevin Rex Madden ’97
Kenneth A. Rosen ’01
Anthony James Depalo ’03
Matthew M. Jones ’03
Aldo Michael Gonzalez ’04
Roger A. Marin ’04
Michael Joseph Nanaszko ’04
Trevor William MacMeekin ’05
Kevin G. Rex ’06
Chris J. Jenson ’07
Evan S. Whitehall ’07
Chris James Jensen ’08
John O. Merrill ’08
Tyler J. Hochanadel ’10
James Hongyu Hu ’10
Kurt Ondash ’13
Tom McHugh ’14
Henry Stillwell ’19
Samuel Shelton Allender
Leslie Cornelius Collins
James Day Donohoe
Thomas Oliver Duff
Luke Forelle
James Neil Hagler
Frederick E. Harwood
Dennis Gordon Kitko
Charles Alberto Krieger
Richard Mearvin Marksbury
David Michael Matusz
Edward Moszczenski
Kenneth F. Owen
Evan P. Pohaski
Grant Potts
Frederic Lefebvre Yarrington